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Hockey Canada News

  • Always with her
    Jessica Forcey was only 11 years old when her mom, Pam, died of breast cancer in April 2012. Pam may not have understood the intricacies of her daughter’s sport, but being a competitor herself, she knew what notes to strike to balance motivating Jessica while keeping fun at the forefront.
  • Master of multi-tasking
    Brianne Jenner feels more balanced when she is busy – and it has been a demanding two years for the Oakville, Ont., native. Jenner received her master’s degree in public policy from the University of Calgary in November, just a few weeks before she was named to Canada’s Women’s Olympic Team for the PyeongChang Games.
  • Road to PyeongChang: Brianne Jenner
    Brianne Jenner is no stranger to big games, with seven IIHF world championships and an Olympics on her résumé.