The SDGHA has received some questions about the U13 Tryouts and the program. To provide clarification:

1. The SDGHA does not run a major/minor split in any division, including U13, and the program will be run as it has in previous years, with all 2009 and 2010 players.
2. Coaches have been instructed to select players based on their performance and ability, not birth year.

We strongly encourage players to select the appropriate tryout team based on their individual skill level so that the association can continue to build the best teams possible across the U13 Divisions and most importantly, allow players to develop to their full potential. That said, we are allowing all U13 Participants to re-register for tryouts. If you choose to re-register for a tryout (eg. currently registered for the second team tryout but decided that the player will tryout for the first team and if released go to second team tryouts, etc) please do so by the current tryout deadlines posted on the SDGHA Website and send an email to with the following information: Player name, what team your player will be trying out for (Team 1, 2 or 3), parent name, parent phone number and parent email. Note: the parent/guardian making the change must be the same person who originally registered their daughter for tryouts.

We trust this provides the clarification that was needed and we are excited to welcome all U13 Players to Tryouts!

SDGHA Executive