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Registration Information


As some of you may be aware, the City of Greater Sudbury has a policy that limits the number of on ice participants to 40 (this includes players and coaches combined) at a time.

To ensure our Association follows all City of Greater Sudbury policies, we will be using an online registration process for the 2019-20 tryouts.  All players wishing to tryout MUST pre-register online, using the same link and basic registration process as you would use in the fall to register.

If you wish to attend the first team tryouts, you would select the first team in the options.  If you do not want to attend first team tryouts, but only attend second team tryouts, you would then only select the tryout for the second team.

The same process applies for someone wishing to only try out for the third team tryouts.


Please ensure you have reviewed the tryout dates/times posted on our website prior to registering your daughter.

You will either be e-mailed your daughter’s MEMBER ID number, or you will receive a second invoice showing the MEMBER ID NUMBER. YOU MUST BRING THIS MEMBER ID NUMBER TO THE TRYOUTS

After each tryout, the coaches will post the MEMBER ID number of those girls released on the team website.  Names of players will NOT  be posted online.

Coaches will post the ID numbers within a reasonable time after the tryout time slot. Coaches may also opt to follow up with a phone call if they choose to do so.

Additionally, all parents are more than welcome to contact the coach for feedback regarding their daughter at any time.

If your daughter has been released from a team, it will be assumed that she will be attending the next team’s tryouts. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER ONLINE.

Returning players please enter username (email address) and password....... New Applicants must create a new profile.

An Authorized OWHA “Permission to Skate” form must be provided to the coach before any players from other OWHA Associations can participate in a tryout.  A “Player Release Form” is not required to participate in a tryout.  The forms can be downloaded from the OWHA website.  You do not require a ‘Permission to Skate’ form if you were registered with a boys association in the previous year (2016-2017).

We wish to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we transition to the online registration system.

Sudbury Lady Wolves Registration Tips

  1. Visit or google SDGHA
  2. Click on the "Click Here toRegister for Tryouts" button (in the top banner)
  3. Click on “Click Here To Register
  4. This will take you to the ITMembers Login page where you either “Login” or “Set-Up Profile” (new members). If your daughter is from House League please use the same username and password as you use for HL registration
  5. Login will be your email and the password will be the one you chose when you set your account up
  6. If you have changed emails or have forgotten your password you will need to send a “Change Request” to
  7. Click “Registration” from the menu on the left of your screen
  8. Click on “Sudbury Lady Wolves Tryouts”
  9. Click on “Create New Registration”
  10. Once you have read the Try Out Information Sheet then click “I Accept” at bottom of page
  11. PARENT INFO: Once logged in, you will select yourself from the list of family members. Please verify your information and make any changes if necessary. Click “DONE” at bottom of page
  12. VOLUNTEER INFO **IMPORTANT**: you MUST elect something here, even if it is “I do not wish to volunteer”. Click “DONE”
  13. CHILD INFO: Select player’s name from drop down menu. Verify that all their info is correct including DOB (date of birth). Make any changes necessary and for those that you can’t please send a “Change Request” to Click “DONE”
  14. Please verify that registration is correct: correct child for correct division and team. 1st team tryouts are $100 this covers tryouts for second and third team should your player not make the first team. Second and subsequent teams are $50. If you need to make any changes at this point you can access the section that needs to be changed by selecting the tab right above “SUDBURY DGHA” title. Also, these tabs should all have check marks beside them, if you have an “X” then you have not completed that section properly. You must have all check marks in order for your registration to proceed to the payment section
  15. If you have another player to register, you can do it now and follow steps 9-14
  16. Now click “Select Payment Option” - Only VISA or MC are accepted, you are not considered registered until you have paid
  17. Next click “Proceed with entering credit card information”
  18. Enter info and click “NEXT”

Fee for the 2019-2020 tryouts:

  • $100.00 / player for first teams
  • $50.00 / player flat fee for 2nd, and 3rd teams

In order to attend tryouts, all accounts MUST be in good standing with the Association as well as with the current Sudbury Lady Wolves team.