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Greater Sudbury Arena User Group COVID-19 Guidelines – V2.4
Date: October 27, 2020
Subject to Change


Prior to use, participants must provide the City of Greater Sudbury with a signed waiver form for each participant using the ice. In addition, each group will need to prepare a COVID plan, and sign off on the acknowledge form indicating they have a plan with the checklist of components that needs to form part of the plan and commit to following their plan.


• (Revised) Participants may enter the building no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their ice time.
• Participants must enter through the main entrance and follow the signage for each pad.
• All patrons who enter the building are encouraged to sanitize their hands using the hand sanitizer dispenser provided.
• All patrons must self-screen prior to entering. If any patron answers yes to any of the questions posted they are not permitted to enter the facility.
• Spectators are permitted to enter the arena but will be limited to one spectator per family. This means if you have several children playing, only one parent / spectator is permitted regardless of the number of players. In addition, if you coach your children’s team, the coach is considered the spectator. Spectators must not loiter in the hallways / lobby area. The spectator seating occupancy limit will be posted at each arena. A minimum of 2 metres or 6 feet between spectators is mandatory. Spectator must immediately leave the facility once the booking is completed, unless they are a parent/guardian of a young child who requires supervision. • (New) Team officials / volunteers are permitted to enter the facility if they are assisting user groups with screening; attendance / record keeping, setup of practice, and/or assisting with ensuring guidelines are being followed. In many cases, team officials and volunteers are parents or the second parent and if assisting will be allowed to enter the arena. If asked by arena staff, please advise them you are a team official assisting with screening, attendance, setup, and monitoring of guidelines.
• All spectators entering the facility must wear a mask at all times as per Provincial Regulation 364/20, Schedule 1, Section 2 (4). • (New) Mask exceptions as detailed in the regulation listed above and will be respected. (i.e. under the age of 2 years old, medical condition, unable to put on a mask without assistance, temporary removal to eat or drink, etc… please refer to the above regulation link for complete details).
• ALL people entering the arena facility are required to wear a mask. Only skaters who are engaged in intense physical activity are not required to wear a mask. Coaches and trainers on
ice who are not engaged in intense physical activity are required to keep their mask on even when on the ice and on the benches.

Upon Building Entry

• Dressing rooms are assigned to each user group and will be posted at the entrance.
• Player dressing rooms have signage/markers to indicate seating for proper social distancing. If additional rooms are required, please consult with arena staff. • (Revised) Dressing rooms will be available no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of the ice time. Users are asked to arrive as close to “ready to play” as possible. • (Revised) Showers and washrooms in the dressing rooms will be available, however, participants must respect the 15 minute time limit if they choose to use the showers.

Ice Entry

• Participants waiting to enter the ice should not congregate at the rink entrance door/s. Participants / coaches are to wait in their assigned dressing rooms with masks on until the flood is complete.

On-Ice Procedure

• The maximum capacity of on-ice participants and coaches is 40 participants.
• Games / Scrimmages / amateur and recreational sports leagues may resume so long as they do not allow prolonged or deliberate physical contact between players or if they have modifications to avoid physical contact between players.
• While on the ice for practices, figure skaters, hockey schools, or individuals working on skill development they must adhere to physical distance measures.
• Leagues/ schools, including adult shiny must contain no more than a total of 50 participants. If participants in a league exceed 50, they may divide into smaller groups of no more than 50. Players are not permitted to play against athletes outside of their league or group.
• Many groups operate or are sanctioned by provincial or national governing. These groups must adhere to any return to play guidelines developed by these governing organizations (i.e. OHF, Skate Ontario, Hockey Canada, Ringette Ontario, etc…).
• Drills must meet guidelines for maintaining physical distancing. No contact drills allowed.
• Participants and Coaches must always keep gloves and equipment on. One designated person must pick up pucks and other training materials at end of the session.
• Participants will not share water bottles.
• Absolutely no spitting or clearing your nose in the facility or on the ice.
• Players benches will be available and additional seating will be available if required to maintain physical distance between participants.
• Only 1 person may enter the scorekeeper’s box at a time. The arena staff will provide sanitizer spray and paper towels. If the renter chooses to use the score clock, they will be responsible for sanitizing the controls before and after use.

Exit Ice and Building Procedure

• At the end of the booking, participants must exit the ice promptly in single file and return to their assigned dressing room. • (Revised) Participants must exit the building through the appropriate door assigned for each pad within 15 minutes of the end of their ice time.
• Hand sanitizer dispensers are mounted at each of the exits.

Safety Protocol

• Dressing rooms will be sanitized between bookings.
• If a School or Workplace has sent one of your participants/players home or identified that the participants/player must remain in isolation due to close contact of a confirmed or suspected COVID Case or a school or workplace closure, the participant/player CANNOT attend an extra-curricular until the 14 day isolation period has ended and/or they receive a NEGATIVE COVID test result and are symptom free.
• Attendance records with contact information, dates and times ALL participants, coaches, spectators, trainers, etc… is required for each booking. This is to allow for contact tracing in the event of an outbreak or a positive test.
• Social gatherings of participants and spectators both before and after the booking inside the arena is not permitted. This includes spectator stands, change rooms, lobbies, hallways, etc… Please limit gathering outside of arenas. Ensure a two-metre physical distance and wearing masks if parents and/or participants are gathering in the arena parking lots.
• Limit carpooling and meals (in homes or at restaurants) to those within your household.
• Any positive cases of COVID by any participants (players, coaches, trainers, managers, parents, spectators, etc…) MUST be reported to Manager of Arenas immediately.
• Please note that sanitization of all other arena spaces will occur periodically. Washrooms will be sanitized four times daily.
• Wash your hands - Practice physical distancing - Do not share equipment.
• All patrons are expected to abide by the occupancy limits detailed above.
• To ensure our facilities can remain open and safe, please obey all rules as presented.
• Zero tolerance! Failure to follow guidelines and policies could result in immediate ejection from the facility and future booking privileges revoked. The City of Greater Sudbury may cancel future bookings without refunds.

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